Who We Are

Lee Strobel Ministries is a 501(c)(3) non-profit ministry based in Houston, TX.

Our Mission

To equip Christians, ministry leaders, and churches to effectively share the grace of God and confidently defend the truth of the gospel, in order to reach our world for Christ.

Our Vision

To equip Christian leaders, laity, and students in practical apologetics and effective evangelism so they become stronger salt and brighter light in our increasingly resistant world — and so they can then, in turn, equip countless others to do the same.

Our 10-Year Goals

3 MILLION Christians Trained in evangelism and apologetics through our published curricula, our Strobel Center courses, certificates, and Strobel Ministry live events

500,000 Church Leaders Trained in evangelism, evangelistic leadership, and apologetics through our curricula, Strobel Center courses, certificates, and Strobel Ministry live events

100,000 Leaders in Point Person Ministry Roles—leaders serving in evangelism and apologetics point person roles in churches and ministries, many trained through the Strobel Center at CCU

25,000 Christian Students Trained through our Strobel Center evangelism and apologetics courses, certificates, and Strobel Ministry live events

Our Strategy

At Lee Strobel Ministries (LSM) we believe that by God’s grace the Lee Strobel Center for Evangelism and Applied Apologetics (LSC) can become the epicenter for reigniting the priority of evangelism in churches and ministries. We’ve developed a proven strategy for increasing the evangelistic impact of local congregations. The key ingredient that’s missing is leadership—we want to equip and place thousands of trained Evangelism Point Leaders in churches and ministries around the country, as staff or key volunteers who will work in tandem with senior leaders to train, equip, and deploy every member to defend their faith and to reach people for Christ in natural ways that sync up with their unique personalities. We’re also innovating new approaches to reaching new generations with the gospel – for example, Spiritual Discovery Groups, which are highly effective small-group experiences for non-believers. An astounding 80 percent of participants in these groups end up receiving Christ. Just imagine the impact of these approaches being deployed in thousands of churches and ministries!