Lee Strobel Center

The Lee Strobel Center for Evangelism and Applied Apologetics at Colorado Christian University seeks to equip Christians, ministry leaders, and churches to effectively share the grace of God and confidently defend the truth of the gospel, in order to reach our world for Christ.

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The Lee Strobel Center Programs

The Strobel Center offers accredited bachelor's and master's degrees in Applied Apologetics as well as non-academic credit bearing continuing education courses and certificates. The programs are available 100 percent online and focus on apologetics — the study of defending the Christian faith through intellectual means.

Lee Strobel Center Tuition for Academic Year 2022-23 Effective 4/25/2022 through 3/27/2023 Academic Year 23'
($ Per Credit Hour)
Academic Year 23'
(# of Credit Hours required for full degree)
Academic Year 23'
Total Cost (Full Degree OR Certificate)
Academic Year 23'
Total Cost (Full Degree Including Fees)
Undergraduate (UG) B.A.
Tuition - Per Credit Hour $494 120 (42 hrs/14 Courses in Strobel Core) $59,280 $67,440 ($68 Res Fee)
Online Apologetics Degree, B.A.
Graduate (GR) M.A.
Tuition - Per Credit Hour $543 39 hrs/13 Courses $21,177 $23,829 ($68 Res Fee)
Online Master's Degree in Apologetics
Fees (Academic Degrees)
Resource Fee Per Credit Hour (including textbooks and course materials automatically delivered by the CCU bookstore) $68 UG - 120 Credit Hours $8,160 Grad 39 Credit Hours - $2,652
Application Fee (One Time) $50
Continuing Education Certificates
Continuing Education Program
Course Catalog
Individual Course $79
Certificate (6 Courses) $474
Certificate (Bundle Price - Buy full certificate all up front) $402

Maximize your tuition dollars through CCU’s guaranteed tuition for undergraduate programs in the College of Adult and Graduate Studies. Your tuition will be guaranteed for up to six years with continued progress toward an undergraduate degree.*

*Graduate level courses taken as part of any undergraduate programs are excluded from the lockdown-in tuition rate. Students will be subject to current published graduate level tuition rates for those courses.

The Lee Strobel Center on YouTube

Check out the Strobel Center playlist on YouTube for the latest announcements, more details about online degrees in Applied Apologetics, and the four episodes of "Strobel Center Live" focusing on topics related to apologetics and evangelism.

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