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Alison Morrow

Founder of GoodSchooling

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Alison Morrow is a former classroom educator and veteran homeschooler who has worked with parents since 2016 to help them make the transition to homeschooling with her homeschool coaching business, GoodSchooling.

Alison's vision with the LSM curriculum project is to equip parents to raise their children with rock-solid faith and a Biblical worldview though an apologetics-infused program that inspires those young men and women to boldly share Christ with the world.

That's Where God Is by Alison MorrowAlison has previously published two children's books with her husband, Dan, and six novels (under her maiden name, Strobel). She holds a bachelor's degree in education from the University of Illinois. Dan and Alison homeschool their two teenaged daughters in Southeast Texas.
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